Thursday, August 30, 2007

I guess we are the last one in the family to start a blog so here goes---------------------

The majority of our pictures are of our grandkids so that is what your going to get the most of.

This picture was at Temple Square when we went up for Noah's baptism. We had a lot of fun. We were so happy with Noah's decision to be baptized. It was a wonderful moment for us. This is also a picture of all of our grandkids that live out of state. So we are excited that you all blog and we can see what is going on in your lives. (I can't figure out how to place the pictures. It has a mind of it's own) But here is a picture of Avery and Grandad also. (I couldn't erase it)


Britney said...

Welcome to the blog world Mom!! If you need help let me know and ill help you out with some of the stuff!!

Jackie said...

hurray! a new blog. We're very excited about all of this.